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Is this you?

thirdphase clients are independent small to medium sized business owners.

Their companies provide business-to-business professional services domestically and sometimes internationally. Traditionally these have been solicitors, accountants, architects or financial advisers. These days there are thousands of others delivering Strategic Planning, IT, Marketing, Health & Safety, Team and Leadership Coaching, HR, Training and Recruitment amongst others.
Our ‘typical’ client employs 30 – 50 staff, has been running their business for 5 – 10 years and have an established reputation and customer base.

But below the surface – there are problems…

Do any of these issues strike a chord with you?

Your life is all work. You can’t remember that last time you took time off. Your evenings and weekends are spent catching up on things you had no time for during the working day. Even if you were able to take time off, perhaps there’s no-one you’d trust to run things while you were away.

You’re exhausted at the end of the day. And you’ve had no time to deal with the things that are most important to you.

You feel constantly drained by people, responsibilities and tasks. Your life feels like one long list of things to do that never gets any shorter. You feel unappreciated by the people who make demands on your time, but don’t realise just how much pressure your under. There are constant irritations, bickering or tension.

You feel trapped by money. You’re tired of not being able to make the choices and have the rewards you’ve worked so hard for. Despite the success of your business there seems little disposable income for you. Maybe it seems that your working the hardest for the least reward of anyone. You don’t see any way out of the trap.

You’re not sure how long you can keep this up. You worry about the future. You’re concerned about how sustainable your business model is and when or if you can put an exit plan in place.

Adrenaline has become your main source of fuel. You’re constantly on the go from one appointment to the next. You can’t seem to slow down and peace of mind seems an impossible dream. You know you need to live more healthily, but are tired of making plans to do something about it that never happen.

Your missing a supportive community in your life.   You feel isolated or disconnected from others. You have no-one at work or in your personal life that you feel you can unburden yourself with. You want to protect others from worry, but you you end up making every decision on your own.  You have an incredible sense of responsibility, but you wish you could share the load with like-minded people.

Our Ideal Clients

Clients are likely to be successful working with us if…

They know this isn’t the life they wanted when they started their business – and they’re willing to commit the time and energy to take stock, refocus and change the things that aren’t working.

They are open to new ideas, willing to learn, have a positive attitude and believe that change is possible.

They are committed to long-term solutions. They take our work together very seriously, committing the time required, keeping appointments and developing the processes and structures to deliver change.

They take personal responsibility and lead by example. Whether things go right or wrong, they make no excuses.

They want a business they can be proud of. They’re in business to make a profit of course, but want to share the rewards of hard work with those who contribute.

They believe that work and life should be fun and fulfilling. They want to get out of bed looking forward to each day and want the same for those they share their life and business with. They treat serious matters seriously, but are able to laugh at themselves and their situation.


The next step….

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