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The RAPID route to business and personal fulfilment

The Problem
Success in business can be measured in many ways. Turnover, profit, the number of clients, units shifted, size of the team, number of offices. But one metric that is hardly ever looked at is what the business is delivering for the business owner.

For many successful business owners there is eventually a growing sense of dissatisfaction with their work, which absorbs all their waking hours but no longer offers the sense of fun it did in the early days.

That frustration is expressed in different ways. Dissatisfaction with the team. Worry about the sustainability of the business model. Declining energy levels and difficulty in concentrating. Indecision and problems sticking to plans. A growing fear that changes in the market or the economy will crush the business. Frustration with clients that seem ever more demanding and unappreciative.

And their personal life is affected too. Disturbed sleep patterns, constant tiredness and irritability, inability to concentrate, working longer and longer hours or bringing work home (that often doesn’t get done), health niggles and worries about relationships and having less interest in things that used to be enjoyable are all common in these circumstances.

Our experience has demonstrated that in many many cases the route cause of all such symptoms is the business owner has become completely disconnected from their own needs and wants.

RAPID is our unique approach to helping you reconnect with your life, getting your business and personal ambitions working in sync and delivering the long term success and lifestyle you’ve worked so hard to achieve.

What RAPID will give you

  • a feeling of control over your destiny and the time to enjoy your achievements.
  • a clear idea of where you’re going and how to get there.
  • time and the capacity to think through and plan for the future.
  • time in your life to do things other than work.
  • colleagues that understand and support your ambitions.

RAPID will give you your life back.

And along the way you’ll also get-

  • action plans that break down projects into manageable tasks.
  • capable people supporting you that can be trusted to use their initiative and energy.
  • the capacity to do the things you love in the business rather than just the chores.

You’ll be living the life you want, not one your business dictates to you. And along the way you’ll also get repeat business from satisfied customers as well as pride and satisfaction in what you and your team have achieved.

RAPID is a flexible programme that you can do from start to finish. Or you can select the units that deal with the one issue you’re facing. It is made up of five core modules with optional units on leading your team and protecting your personal welfare. The modules are –

Review of your personal circumstances and ambitions. You will identify (or re-connect with) the desires that took you into business in the first place.

Analysis of your business and the challenges it and you are facing. This process identifies the strengths and opportunities you have as well as the threats and weaknesses you face.

Planning for both your personal and business lives. You’ll identify your personal goals and how to achieve them, then the short, medium and longer term objectives for your business.

Integrating your personal and business plans to make sure each action you take offers the maximum benefit for each area of your life.

Delivery through coaching that supports you in growing skills, confidence and achievements.

Before starting each module you will be given some preparatory work to complete, usually a questionnaire, designed to get your thoughts focused on the work you’re about to do. 

Following that you will be taken through a workshop that introduces you to the tools needed for that phase of the process and guides to using them.

You will then carry on working through these exercises between each workshop, with support available to you throughout the process.

The output from these exercises helps to identify your agenda for the next workshop or implementation phase. As the modules progress you will develop a detailed plan of action that will take you forward through the next 12 months. And you’ll have a medium-term plan identifying where these actions are going to take you.

You will also be being introduced to new skills and techniques that will help you to reach your goals quickly, effectively and enjoyably. We will also work with you to increase your confidence, self-belief and resilience.

At the end of the workshop phase you (and your business partners if appropriate) will have action plans that have been integrated with those for your business. The RAPID delivery phase typically consists of two coaching sessions per month, one focused on your personal plans and one on your business goals.

Monthly support can carry on for as long as you need support. But as your confidence and achievements grow the length and frequency of sessions will be adjusted to match your needs.

Why it works !
Our program recognises that making a business successful is not an end in itself. We all work to provide a balance of achievement with the physical, professional, emotional and personal rewards of our efforts.

But the pressure of work, lack of time, the need to use skills that we may never have been taught and financial concerns can make us forget what it was we wanted to achieve.

RAPID refocuses the business owner on what it is they personally want and makes sure that activities to build the business are designed to fulfil those goals. At the same time it allows you to develop the same clarity and sense of purpose to every member of your team.

Bonuses and guarantee!

Simple and effective performance management to track progress.

Programmed progress reviews to keep plans moving forward in synch.

Personal development portfolio that helps you work on specific skill gaps

Membership of the on-line development community

Access to online materials

Library of tools and techniques for personal and business development

Access to specialist specific skills

Membership of a peer group for continuing professional and personal support!

We at thirdphase are committed to your success and personal growth.

Is RAPID right for you?

If you want to achieve –

  • Clear objectives and the commitment to achieve them…
  • A focused and motivated team that work together…
  • Rewards for your hard work…
  • And the ability to enjoy a balanced life while your business grows and succeeds…

then I’m going to invite you to contact me for a complementary discussion during which we can identify what part of RAPID will quickly help you to effectively address your current challenges. 

Our conversation will take about an hour and I’m happy to do it on the phone or face-to-face.
click here to book a strategy session and start planning for a more relaxed, more fulfilled and more contented future.