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How your ears can help your vision

01.12.2017 in Leadership

A lot has been written about vision and the business owner’s need to be clear on what they’re trying to achieve. And it’s true that without that sense of direction, planning and measurement become impossible. But most business theories also say that the leader must…

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How to structure a recruitment campaign

03.11.2017 in Harrison

  One of the reasons that people get their fingers burned when taking on new staff is they are recruiting under huge time pressure. Perhaps someone has left suddenly, or new contracts have increased the workload. But you need someone now! What happens then? We…

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Crouch, Touch, Pause, Engage

22.09.2017 in Harrison, Leadership

Crouch, touch, pause, engage is a series of instructions that used to be given to rugby union scrums by the referee. I hope most leaders don’t want their staff to crouch these days and touch is something we hope stays outside the workplace. But I…

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How poor leadership killed the bison

15.08.2017 in Harrison, Leadership

  Things often move along steadily until technology changes everything. In the days of American Indian supremacy on the plains of North America the coming of the horse (introduced from Europe by the Spanish) brought a time of plenty as hunting the bison became easier….

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