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About Us

What is the thirdphase?
In the first phase you learned the professional and technical skills to be good at your chosen profession.
The second phase was when you decided you could do this better for yourself and started your own business.
And the thirdphase is when you move beyond the issues that are holding you back and build the life and business success you’ve worked so hard to achieve.

What’s different about thirdphase?
With experience in business turnaround, team and leadership development as well as strategic planning I had designed a different approach to providing organisational support for businesses dealing with growing pains, performance issues, process weaknesses or team tensions.

I’d realised that most consultants focused on either process (hard) issues or people (soft) issues. It was clear to me problems are usually a mix of both. The proportion might vary from issue to issue (and problems seldom come along one at a time) but unless both elements were addressed most solutions were only short-term fixes.

Using this approach certainly produced better results and longer lasting improvements. But while working with a range of clients it became obvious to me that there was another dynamic that was crucial to my being able to deliver the business change that clients were looking for. The attitude, motivation and morale of the business owner.

I’m not referring to their stated ambitions for the business. I mean their own internal, private thoughts. I found a significant number of the owners with whom I worked were deeply unhappy with their lives. Building a successful business had taken all their energy. But it wasn’t delivering the personal satisfaction and sense of achievement it once had.

The Solution
For those clients the answer was not to start with the business. It was to help them reconnect with the personal ambitions and dreams that used to motivate them. Help them identify where the business was undermining them – and how it could be different.

Each owner is different and the approach I take is flexible and targeted to their individual needs. But the drive is for them to gain clarity on the underlying cause of their frustrations and find what is undermining or blocking them.

For some clients it is sufficient to provide an independent sounding board. Others benefit from being held to account. But with support and encouragement the results are increased confidence, self-awareness, commitment and resilience.

And then we plan the business improvements that will deliver both professional and personal fulfilment. Giving them back the sense of achievement and happiness that has been missing.

Why Me?
I’ve been a credit controller, a soldier, a firefighter and a training manager. I’ve crewed on a round the world yacht race. I’ve turned round a multi-million pound business, managed industrial disputes, and led an assessment team on behalf of a government department.

I’ve built extensive leadership skills in difficult and sometimes dangerous circumstances. Growing those skills has involved frustration, pressure and sometimes getting things completely wrong. But leading people to achieve their full potential is exciting, intense and hugely enjoyable.

And on this journey I’ve also learned to deal with the personal demons and insecurities that are common to many, many business owners and leaders. I understand where they come from and how to overcome them.

So I added formal coaching qualifications to my leadership and commercial experience and started the business that became thirdphase.

Business owners have huge potential for personal and professional growth. Identifying and nurturing that potential for every individual is what motivates me. And seeing my clients realise their potential is the biggest buzz I can get.

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