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Services and Programmes

thirdphase offer a variety of programmes designed to help owners create a successful, sustainable and fulfilling business they can be proud of.

RAPID – The Planning Framework for the Business Owner

For many owners the pressures of keeping on top of everything means they lose sight of the reasons they went into business in the first place, let go of their personal dreams and gradually become less and less satisfied with the life they are leading.
RAPID takes the business owner back to first steps. They review their current situation and ambitions, analyse their strengths, challenges and needs, develop plans for themselves and the business and integrate these plans to deliver success alongside personal and business fulfilment.

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6 Steps to a Stronger Team

Commitment and engagement, customer service and performance of staff is always dictated by the quality of the leadership they receive. Yet many professionally competent managers and business owners struggle to deal with conflict or underperformance. The resultant drain on time, morale and productivity has seriously damaged many businesses.

In 6 steps you will develop your leadership, your team and your talent management to deliver the business you and your clients need and deserve. Whether you are looking to expand your team, develop new leaders or improve the culture of your company, we have a programme that will take your business to the next level.


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The Leadership Liferaft

As the team grows there is less and less time to support and mentor new team leaders. The chosen solution is often to send such people on a course. But when your boat is sinking, it is not theory that will help. You need a liferaft to get you through the crisis.
The leadership liferaft delivers immediately useable solutions to the major problems new leaders face. They will learn how to have difficult conversations, how to lead meetings, set objectives and manage performance.

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