Third Phase Coaching | How we work

How We Work

What’s it like to work with thirdphase? On this page we’ll tell you the kind of results our clients have reported and we’ll give you a sense of our guiding beliefs, our approach to clients and how we’re different from other coaches and consultants.

Expected Results

You’ll rebalance priorities across your life and business. You’ll identify clearly what it is that you want to achieve in business and (most importantly) personally, reconnect with long forgotten ambitions and discard those that are no longer serving you.

You’ll learn that ‘selfish’ is not a dirty word. You’ll learn to structure your time in order to deal with your own priorities. Along the way you’ll develop the skills needed to ensure others are picking up their share of the burden leaving you free to work on strategic business issues. And you’ll have the time to relax, recharge and even get fit again.

You’ll transform the way you work with your team. Having clear plans and effective processes in place will free up the time you need to develop effective, productive and self-motivated teams. You will understand clearly what it is you want and will be able to develop your staff to deliver it.

You’ll have time for yourself. With a properly developed team you’ll have capable colleagues who can take decisions and lead while you’re on vacation, out meeting potential clients or even taking the time off to play golf. In fact, if you don’t take time out of the office, you’ll be preventing the people you’ve developed achieving their potential and the self-respect that comes from being stretched.

Your health, fitness and wellbeing will improve. Because you’re off the hamster wheel of constant, draining activity your stress levels will fall. You’ll sleep better and your energy will increase. You’ll be able and willing to do things after work, to reconnect with people. You’ll be able to enjoy life in a way you’d forgotten was possible.

You’ll have financial stability. With clear plans, capable staff and effective processes your business will be focused and delivering the best for your clients. You will have freed up time to evaluate the market and plan for the future. You will have developed a profitable, sustainable business that supports and delivers the life you have dreamed of.

Our guiding beliefs:

Change is your number 1 priority. You cannot continue the way things are. Turning them round is the most important thing in your life. We are committed to working with you, developing your plans and supporting you in making the changes you need.

Business success is about more than profit. Finances are only one measure of success. The values and purpose of the company are equally important. If each is not serving the others then motivation, morale and fulfilment will suffer.

There are reserves of untapped potential in you and your team. Change is threatening. But you and your colleagues have the capacity to grow personally, professionally and as a team. Overcoming challenges and achieving the impossible builds morale, self-worth and resilience.

Each element of our lives interacts with and affects every other part. People cannot be unhappy at work and happy at home. Personal fulfilment requires each element of our lives to be in balance.

Our approach:

Is flexible. We adapt to fit the style, needs and circumstances of each client. Our frameworks are designed so that you select and use only the modules you need.

Treats you as an individual. The worries and concerns that have been holding you back are personal. We support you to prioritise and concentrate on the decisions and activities that will deliver the quickest and most effective change for you.

Is challenging. You are going to be working hard, facing sometimes difficult decisions and having to take actions that others may not agree with. With our support your confidence and self-belief will grow. You will no longer be on your own.

Is friendly and fun. Your pleasure will grow as you see your future more clearly. We will encourage you to enjoy the process and reward yourself when you achieving specific goals and complete actions you have planned.

Builds capacity. The programme is intense in the early stages, but our involvement steadily reduces as you become confident and effective in your new approach to work and life.

What makes our approach to consulting unique?

We combine extensive business and leadership experience with human understanding. We have the tools, the knowledge and the understanding to deliver change in many areas of business planning and performance. But we also know that it is the beliefs, motivations and limitations of the business owner as an individual that cause many of the issues their business faces. We help the owner to identify, understand and address their own priorities and ambitions and only then help them structure their business to ensure it delivers those needs.

Sounds interesting? Now you have a better idea of the results you can expect through working with us and our approach and philosophy click HERE to learn more about the specific services we offer.