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Third Phase Coaching provide coaching for small business owners who want more.




Is your business delivering the lifestyle you hoped for?

Are you enjoying your work – and the things you do when you’re not at work?
Do you actually have any time left to do anything other than work?

You’re an experienced professional running your own company. You started with dreams of what independence would bring you. You grew your company and had ambitious plans for the future. But now the constant burden of dealing with the day to day prevents you doing the things you enjoy.

You’re not alone. People issues, sustainability, financial worries and even health and wellbeing are things that many business owners are struggling with. The pressures of work are impacting every part of their lives and they are neither happy nor hopeful that things will get better.

What can you do about it? There are any number of business consultants offering strategic planning, staff training, sales and marketing advice or even how to get out of the business completely. And all of them have their place if there is a specific issue that needs addressing.

But we start somewhere different.

Thirdphase help you to unravel the ball of string your life has become. We start with your life, your ambitions, your dreams. Then we identify and start to address the things that are holding you back.

Once you have those things clear in your mind then, and only then, do we move on to helping you make the changes needed for your business to deliver the life you always wanted to lead.

Thirdphase have been working with business owners for over 10 years. Our focus is on helping them achieve a fulfilling business and personal life. We’ve sat in client offices and refused to leave before they made an appointment to see their doctor. We’ve helped founders identify how to get their initial investment back from the business. We’ve helped business owners take vacations, rebuild their relationships and get back the pleasure involved in being their own boss. We’re changing the world one company at a time.

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